Customize your artist's bag as you like best.

Choose from the paintings of 4 modern artists what you want reproduced and decorated by hand on the bag you like best.

Exclusive reproductions from original paintings by 4 contemporary authors, printed on leather with eco-friendly colors and with the addition of personalized artistic decorations made by hand.

Works signed, numbered and accompanied by the artist's presentation card for each bag created.

The Artists:


Born in Tradate, 1990, and grew up with the influence of people closest to him, always watching and following all art in a familiar way. With that direction, in 2010, he embarked on a course of study at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, enrolling in a Bachelor's program..

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Born in Milan in 1974,he discovered his passion and the need to paint through therapeutic art. During the transitional phase in material, moving from paper to canvas and then on to wood, he discovered the pleasure of painting with his bare hands on wood panels, especially..

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nadia antonicelli

In art ANCELLI Lives and works in Milano. Painter and art lover, attends Art and Academic Studios. She loves nature, the muse of her creations. Constellations, water patterns..

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She Was born in Lucca,Italy in 1953. After graduating from the Academy of fine arts in Florence she taught at the Liceo artistico of Lucca until 1994. She moved to Milan where she lives and works. Professional with an absolute technical mastery, she finds in the oil painting her element of excellence using a variety of media such as ware, copper and marble. She has exhibited in Italy and other Countries in many solo and group exhibitions. Many scholars and art critics have written about her work.

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